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Terms of Service

Please read this entire page, as well as your contract or Terms and Conditions as applicable.  If you have any questions, please send email to

Here is specific information on Penta Infoway!'s policy with respect to mass  email mailings, multiple Usenet News postings and other mass unsolicited communications - these are all commonly known as SPAM.

The Internet user community does not welcome unsolicited email from any source. This "junk email" is commonly referred to as "SPAM".  You can learn more about SPAM here. In addition to SPAM, multiple postings of the same information to many Usenet Newsgroups and advertising in most of the Usenet Newsgroups is also unwelcome. Here is good link for Usenet SPAM information.

If you are receiving SPAM, you may be able to set up filters on your email or news reader that will help to minimize the unwanted SPAM.  Unfortunately, there is no way to totally eliminate SPAM technically, and the laws for junk email are only forming as of today.  The best way to deal with SPAM is to simply delete the email or offending message and move on.  Never retaliate against a SPAMMER destructively! - this only makes the situation worse and your retaliation may be very illegal as it can cause damage to Penta Infoway! networks and other networks or systems.


  • Penta Infoway! does not allow our network resources to be used by anyone to email or mass-email any user or groups of users especially those that have not indicated a willingness to receive such mailings.
  • Penta Infoway! does not allow our systems to be used for RELAY from non-Penta Infoway! customers or networks.
  • Penta Infoway! does not knowingly allow our systems to be used for any activity that is illegal.
  • Penta Infoway! does not allow customers or other networks' connections to consume excessive resources from our systems.
  • Penta Infoway! does not allow our customers to use other providers' mail servers to relay any type of email without the express consent of that provider.

ALL Penta Infoway! hosting and email accounts and customer web pages cannot be used for mass emailing of any type.  Mass emailing is defined as the sending of any number of messages to random email addresses, or the running of any mailing list, whether or not the list of recipients are willing to receive such mailings.  If you wish to run a responsible mailing list of any type, please call Penta Infoway! at +19739754786 (USA)or +97336334385 (Bahrain) for information on that optional service.

If we find a violation of the above, Penta Infoway! will immediately suspend that customer's account without prior notice or warning.

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This is to inform you that our business have been succeeded by Loyal Software Private Limited with effect from 01 Oct 2011. We hope that M/s Loyal Software Private Limited will continue to provide the same high quality products and service.
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