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Technical Support - Online Manual Linux Accounts
Chapter 1. Getting Started
1.1 General Overview
  1.1.1 Account Information Email
  1.1.2 Domain Name Registration and Transfers
  1.1.3 E-Mail
  1.1.4 Contacting Support
  1.1.5 Contacting Billing
  1.1.6 General Facts - Server OS, Configuration
  1.1.7 Username and Password
  1.1.8 Acceptable Usage Policy
1.2 Uploading Your Website
  1.2.1 FTP Tutorial
  1.2.2 FrontPage98
  1.2.3 FrontPage2000
1.3 Email
  1.3.1 Microsoft Outlook Express
  1.3.2 Microsoft Outlook
  1.3.3 Netscape Communicator
  1.3.4 Eudora
  1.3.5 Other Email Programs

Chapter 2. General Features
2.1 Analyzing Traffic to Your Site
2.2 Email Alias and Forwarding
2.3 Email Autoresponders
2.4 Password Protecting Web Directories
2.5 SSI (.shtml)

Chapter 3. CGI-SCRIPTS
3.1 Pre-installed Scripts
  3.1.1 Animation: Animate graphics using CGI.
  3.1.2 Chat Machine: Live web chat software.
  3.1.3 Countdown: Countdown to a spefic date.
  3.1.4 Counter: A CGI based counter.
  3.1.5 Guestbook: Automated guestbook for visitors to sign in.
  3.1.6 Links: Free for all links script.
  3.1.7 Rand_image: Produce a random image on your web page.
  3.1.8 Rand_link: Produce a random link on your web page.
  3.1.9 Rand_text: Display random text on your web pages.
  3.1.10 Search: A simple web page search routine.
  3.1.11 SSICount: Server Side Include counter.
  3.1.12 TMail: Templated Mailer - like formmail, only MUCH better.
3.2 CGI-SCRIPT Troubleshooting Guide

Chapter 4. Database
4.2 MySQL

Chapter 5.  FrontPage2000/98
5.1 General Overview
5.2 Installing FrontPage Extensions
5.3 Limitations on using FrontPage
5.4 Bots and Features
  5.4.1 Using SSL with FrontPage
  5.4.2 Password Protecting Web Directories
  5.4.3 Forms that send results via email
5.5 FrontPage Troubleshooting Guide
  5.5.1 Root Web Busy
  5.5.2 FrontPage extensions not installed.
  5.5.3 I published my web but nothing shows up.
  5.5.4 Counter, guestbook, bbs aren't working.
  5.5.5 Search function doesn't return any results.
  5.5.6 FP asks for host server and the directory path.
  5.5.7 Server timing out
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