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5.3 Some Limitations Using FrontPage

There are some issues which potential FrontPage users should consider:

  Web size -- This seems to be most critical when a "searchable event" is present in the web (Search, Discussion Forum and Table of Contents). The lengthy process of updating the indices for these functions can lead to the connection timing-out (HTTP 500 Error or "Server "" has timed-out"). You will experience server time outs while recalculating links as well.

  Number of files -- Websites with a large number files will experience similar problems as above.

Work Around:
You should divide your web site into smaller chunks - child webs.  This way FrontPage only recognizes a portion of your Web site at at time.  Draw back to this solution is that you have to close the current child web if you wish to work on files that reside in another child web. More detail.

  Disk Usage -- You may create and publish as many child webs as your disk storage space allows. However, for each child web you publish, FrontPage duplicates certain information into indices and hidden files. This adds "overhead", increasing the storage space required for your files. Microsoft's documentation notes, "FrontPage 97's optional full-text search indexes can take up to the same amount of disk space as your textual content."


There are several precautions which need to be taken to protect the FrontPage extensions on your  site if it is housed on the UNIX servers:

a) Do NOT use regular FTP (such as WS_FTP) to upload files to the server when FrontPage extensions are installed. This may corrupt the extensions, disabling the interactive features available with FrontPage.


Exception to the Above Rule:
1)If you are uploading cgi scripts, you have to use FTP program to upload your scripts, but you can ONLY FTP safely to cgi-bin. Special precautions must be taken when adding custom scripts to a FrontPage web. Scripts cannot be added through the "Publish" web function as part of the FP web because FrontPage does not transfer files in true ASCII.
-Using WS_FTP, go DIRECTLY to the cgi-bin directory, transfer the file in ASCII, then right click on the ftp window.
-From the pop-up menu, select FTP commands, SITE.
-Then enter the command CHMOD 755 <file_name>.This will properly upload and set permissions for the script

2)You can safely FTP to your /home directory or directories outside of your /www directory

3)You can safely FTP subdirectory within your /www directory. BUT you must have created the subdirectory using either your FTP program or via Telnet. This will not work if you created the subdirectory using FrontPage Explorer.

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