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1.3.4 Eudora
1) Install and start up the Eudora program
2) Select "Settings" from the "Special" menu
3)Select the "Getting Started" tab, then under Real Name, enter your Real Name
4) Under "POP Account" put [username]@[yourdomain].com
5) In "Return Address", enter whatever@[yourdomain].com
6) If you use the Macintosh version, the radio button for TCP/IP connection should be highlighted
7) Click the "Personal Information" tab (also only for the Macintosh version)
8) Under POP account put [username]@[yourdomain].com again
9) Fill out the "Real Name" and "Return Address" as you did before
10) Under "Dialup User Name" enter yourdomain (do not enter .com or .net here)
11) Click the "Hosts" tab then enter [username]@[yourdomain].com again under POP Account, and put under SMTP Server.
12) Go to the "Checking Mail" tab and make sure "Save Password" is checked.

*Using SMTP Server

Per dialup session, you would need to be authenticated to use the SMTP(Outgoing Mail) server. This is to prevent spammers from gaining access to your SMTP server. Here is how you can be authenticated:

1) Get connected to the Internet
2) Start your email software.
3) Make sure there is no outgoing mail in your outbox.
4) Log into the POP server to check your email
5) Now you are authenticated and you should be able to send and receive email w/o any problems. As long as you don't quit the program and stay connected to the net, you wouldn't need to be authenticated anymore.

If your SMTP access is denied after trying the steps above, you would need to contact your ISP. It is likely that they are not allowing relay to outside SMTP server. More and more ISP's are implementing this feature to prevent spamming. 

There is a very easy workaround this. All you have to do is to use your ISP's SMTP server. This does not effect how your email address appears on your outgoing emails. When recipients to your message hits the reply button, they will see your email address at your domain name.

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