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1.3 Setting Up Your Email

When you first setup your account with us, you are assigned a default email account. With certain accounts, you get more than one email account. To setup additional email accounts, please contact us.

You will need to refer to the account information email that you received from us throughout this manual.   In the body of the email, you will find following information:

1. ACCOUNT INFORMATION+++++++++++++++++++++++++++

DOMAIN NAME...............:[yourdomain].com*
USER NAME.................:[username]
DEFAULT EMAIL.............:[username]@[yourdomain]

*Depending on your domain, you may have [yourdomain].net, .org, or any of the non-US top level domains or extensions.

As you read the instructions below, you will find references to "whatever@[yourdomain].com. Often times, your default email address is long and not very easy to remember. At the same time we can't give everyone simple default email address since each [username] needs to be unique on each server. But there is a work around. Your default email is a "catch-all" email account. This means that when someone writes to "whatever@[yourdomain].com", it will end up in your default email box as long as "whatever" is undefined in your .redirect file. So in place of whatever@[yourdomain].com, you can put "sales@[yourdomain].com".

What is the difference between POP3 email account vs. email alias?
Each POP3 email account comes with its own password. Let's say you want to give each of your five employess his/her own email account. Then you would request addtional email accounts to be setup.
An email alias just forwards email to a real POP3 email account.
For example, the name of the POP3 email account is Then you can create as an email alias for This means that whenver someone sends an email to, the email will be forwarded to Email alias can by setup by yourself.  For instructions, please go to Section 2.2

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