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1.1.2 Domain Name Registration and Transfers

Q. I just received my account information email saying that my account has been setup.  Is my domain name active?

A. Not just yet. When you place the order with us, we submit the domain name registration with the InterNIC on your behalf.  Once your domain name is registered with the InterNIC, which usually takes 24 hours from the time we submit the request, there is a propagation delay period.

During the propagation period, all the name servers of the world are being informed of your domain name's existence on's network.  The name server at your ISP must be updated with this new information for you to start using your domain name rather than your IP address.   The propagation period could take anywhere from 48 hours to two weeks. It depends on how fast your ISP's nameservers are updated as well as certain conditions on the Internet. This is something we (in fact no human) have any control over. You should check everyday to see if you can bring up your web site by typing your domain name in your browser.

Q. I'm transferring my domain to from another hosting company? How long is this going to take?

A. It should generally take no more than 72 hours.  However it's not uncommon for transfer to take a lot longer than this. If your domain has not been transferred for 72 hours, please contact

Q. So how do I upload my files? Do I have to wait until my domain name is active?

A. No. You can start uploading your files right now using your Temporary address. Where you would use your domain name, you would instead put your IP address. In a browser this would be something like http://yourtemporyaddress; if your ftp program asks for hostserver, put temporay address; if FrontPage98 asks for where to publish the website, put temporary address.

BTW, if you are transferring your domain to us, you are responsible for uploading your files associated with your Web site. does not transfer your web site.  We only help you transfer your domain name.

Q. I have non InterNIC domains (.ca, .cc,, etc).  I need your DNS information.

A. Though we host non-US domains, we do not register or transfer these domains. To do this, you would need to contact the appropriate NIC authority for the respective TLDs (Top Level Domains).   Here is our DNS information you can use: DNS (Domain Name Servers) Information

Primary Server Hostname.............:   NL1.PENTAINFOWAY.COM   
Primary Server Netaddress...........:
Secondary Server Hostname.........:   NL2.PENTAINFOWAY.COM
Secondary Server Netaddress.......:

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