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1.1.1 Account Information Email

You probably received an email that looks similar to the one below from our billing team. This email contains your account information that you need to start using service. Below you will find an explanation of each component.

It is important for you to save this email message for future reference. Also since it contains your username, password and customer ID, you should store it somewhere safe. (Contrary to popular beliefs, a Post-It note attached to the side of your monitor is NOT a safe place.)

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for choosing Pentainfoway. Below you will find your account information. Please retain for your records.

1. ACCOUNT INFORMATION++++++++++++++++++++++++
USER NAME............:yourdomain
Temporary ADDRESS....:

1. Account Information

Domain name:
This is the domain name you picked. If it's not the domain name you picked, then please contact our support team right away.

It's also referred to as a user ID. You would use this to log onto your ftp, FrontPage98, and email servers. Remember: the username is case sensitive. So always type in lower case. We never assign upper case usernames.

The only thing to keep in mind about your password is that it is case sensitive. If you type in "kicfn993" instead of "Kicfn993", your access will be denied.

Temporary Address
This is what you would use to connect to your account on network while your domain is either being registered or transferred to our network. You would use your Temporary address in place of your domain name.

Using the example above, instead of typing, you will type   . You would end up at's website. So when you are asked to type in your host server by your FTP program, you would type in your IP address. Remember that this is just temporary until your domain name becomes active on the net. Once it becomes active on the net, you should start using your domain name for everything.

Default Email:
Each web hosting account comes with a default email account. The key feature of this default email account is that it's also a catch-all email account. If you haven't specified any email aliases or additional email accounts, any and all email to your domain will end in this email account.

Using the example above, if someone writes to, it will end up in If someone writes to, it will end up in If someone writes to, it will end up in ..... well, you get the picture.

So don't dispair if you were assigned a long default email account like You don't have to give this email to other people. You can tell others to write to and it will simply end up in your default email account.

BTW (by the way) we can't change default email accounts.


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This is to inform you that our business have been succeeded by Loyal Software Private Limited with effect from 01 Oct 2011. We hope that M/s Loyal Software Private Limited will continue to provide the same high quality products and service.
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