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Frequently Asked Questions About CGI-BIN INFORMATIONs

a. Do I get access to my own CGI-BIN with an FTP hosting account?

Yes, you do!

b. Do I get access to my own CGI-BIN with a FrontPage hosting account?

Yes, you do!

c. Do you offer any type of "standard" scripts?

Yes! We provide over 10 pre-installed CGI scripts for your use! On-line documentation and pre-configuration make setup and use of the scripts a snap! For more information on which scripts we install, please visit our services page.

d. Do you offer any type of on-line log tailer?

Yes. Penta-Infoway!'s On-line Administration Area offers a program which will constantly tail either your error or access logs. This makes debugging your CGI's much easier.

e. I am new to CGI programming. How much help can you give me?

Penta-Infoway! will support you as much as possible without actually writing your script for you... You've got to pay for CGI authoring :-) Our on-line hosting manual provides you with information about our servers and CGI. You'll find example scripts broken down and walked through, locations of programs commonly called from cgi scripts, and other useful information.

f. Does your on-line hosting manual cover CGI scripts?

Yes. Our on-line manual includes example CGI's, information on debugging scripts, proper permission settings for scripts, pathes to common program, information about your directory structure, and more. If there's ever something missing from it, you're more than welcome to e-mail our support staff and we'll get you back an answer while adding it the manual for the use of our other clients!

g. Do you offer CGI-BIN programming and scripting services?

No. At this time, Penta-Infoway!'s programming staff is dedicated to internal growth only.

If the topic you are interested in is not found here, please e-mail or call us with your questions.

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