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E-Commerce Solutions

Penta-Infoway's Innovative E-commerce Solutions for Indian Business houses.

  • No Need to have your company incorporated in USA
  • We can give you total solutions in an affordable cost
  • We shall deposit the money right here in your accounts.

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A brief introduction about E-Commerce
Electronic Commerce or e-commerce is said to bring about a paradigm of change in the world of trading. E-Commerce can be broadly defined as 'Any form of business transaction in which parties interact electronically rather than by physical exchanges of documents or direct meetings amongst officials. "E-Commerce is simply doing business online". It can mean selling data directly from the web site or offering applications for download after they are purchased online.

The coverage of e-commerce is tremendously flexible. Anyone with a business, or with an idea, anyone currently employed, wishing to set up his/her own business and lastly anyone with a penchant for money can set up his own business through e-commerce.

E-Commerce can be classified into four basic types
1) Business-Consumer (B2C)
2) Business-Business (B2B)
3) Business-Administration (B2A)
4) Consumer-Administration (C2A)

The Business - Consumer category has expanded greatly with the advent of the world wide web. there are now shopping malls all over the internet offering all kinds of consumer goods.E-commerce provides every customer an opportunity to search for the desired products and services.

The Business-Business category: An example would be a company that uses a network or the Internet for ordering from its suppliers, recieving invoices and making payments.. This category of e-commerce has been well established for several years, though its true potential is now being exploited through the medium of Internet.

E-commerce in Business-Administration is still relatively underdeveloped and almost non-existant in the case of India. However, it has great potential for taxation and government tender and procurement purposes.

The potential of Consumer-Administration e-commerce has not yet been utilisd but has a lot of scope. All interactions with the administration that an ordinary consumer has to undergo could come under this category.

Electronic Commerce Act (INDIA)
The Ministry of Commerce has published a draft of the Electronic Commerce Act. The draft in its overview says " The shift from paper based to electronic transactions has raised questions concerning the recognition, authenticity and enforceability of electronic documents and signatures. The challenge for lawmakers has been to balance the sometimes conflicting goals of safegaurding electronic commerce and encouraging technological development. "At least the overview sounds good. The act is divided into 13 parts, each dealing with specific issues like electronic contracting, digital signatures, liability of network service providers, criminal penalties etc. The act provides penalties for trespass into a system, introducing viruses into networks, etc. The act defines 'Electronic' as- "Electronic" includes electrical, digital, magnetic, optical, electromagnetic or any other form of technology that entails capabilities similar to these technologies.

Latest Updates

This is to inform you that our business have been succeeded by Loyal Software Private Limited with effect from 01 Oct 2011. We hope that M/s Loyal Software Private Limited will continue to provide the same high quality products and service.
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